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Whiskey Drink     8

Woodford Reserve Bourbon with muddled blackberries & mint, and a splash of lemon juice.

Vodka Drink     8

Muddled oranges with Spokane’s Dry Fly Vodka, Hypnotiq, and soda.

Lager Drink     7

Jameson Irish Whiskey, homemade sweet & sour, a splash of lemon-lime soda, and top it off with Bud Light.

Cider Drink     7

Clover honey and a local Dry Fly Vodka in a rotating Hard Cider.

Grey Ghost     9

Our take on the Old Fashioned. Named for Lt. Col. Emch’s ’57 Cadillac. Choose between Woodford Reserve Bourbon or Old Overholt Rye (depending on how you feel today), add a dash of Angosutra bitters, a little sugar, a caramelized orange rind, and a splash of soda.

Oil Change     6

An adult caramel “milkshake”. Black Velvet Toasted Caramel Whiskey topped with cola and cream.

Ducati Monster     8

In honor of Scott “F”-ing Miller. Pendleton Canadian Whiskey, root beer, and a little bit of Monster Energy Drink.

Bahama Mama     8

Grandma Doody’s Favorite. 3 Howls Gold, Bacardi Light and Malibu Rums, shaken with pineapple and orange juices. Finished with grenadine.

The Mastretta     8

To tribute the rise of the Mexican car company. Espolon Reposado Tequila shaken with grapefruit juice and Triple Sec. Topped with ginger beer and a dash of cinnamon.

Lemons Dropped     7

Tito’s Vodka, a touch of Triple Sec, our own house sour, sweetened just a touch, and BOOM!

Monkey Wrench     7

3 Howls Rum, grapefruit, and greatness.

Pooky Sue     7

360 Peach Vodka, peach schnapps and house-made sour mix with a spiced simple syrup and sugar rim.

Afternoon Delight     7

Enjoy the sun. 360 Peach Vodka with Southern Comfort, iced tea, and simple syrup.

Aardvark     8

Jhons Fav. Buffalo Trace Bourbon, shaken, with just a wee splash of root beer.

Kevee Poo’s Wild Screw     7

When Kev gets rowdy, this is it. 3 Howls Vodka muddled with oranges, OJ, and Sierra Mist.

Jim’s Huck Punch     6

360 Huckleberry Vodka shaken with every fruit we’ve got, and a splash of lemonade for luck!

The Ha Collins     8

Spokane’s Dry Fly gin shaken with blackberries, tonic and our simple syrup.

Jamie’s Bloody Burger Mary     9

Featuring Tito’s Vodka and garnished with a mini cheeseburger, fried pickle, olives, lime and celery.

Canuck Coffee     8

Pendleton Whiskey, Bailey’s and Crown Royal Maple in Craven’s Coffee with a little spice.

Backfire     8

Yukon Jack, creme de cacoa, and Westland Peated Whiskey mixed in coffee.

Jingling’s Bells     7

A naughty and nice concoction of Peppermint Schnapps, Creme de Cocoa, Peppered Cinnamon and Coffee.